Child Custody

For most families, safeguarding the interests of children is of paramount importance in divorce proceedings.  Establishing custody (managing conservatorship) for children must be handled in a manner that keeps the children’s needs and interests at the forefront of all negotiations and agreements.

If you have children and you are facing divorce, working with an experienced and patient child custody attorney serves to protect your parental rights, while at the same time insuring that all agreements are also mindful of your children’s rights, needs, and interests.

Through careful and deliberate negotiation, and often mediation, we work with you and your spouse, and his or her attorney, to craft custody and visitation arrangements that are realistic, fair, flexible, and in compliance with Texas child custody laws.

If fair agreements are unavailable and you and your spouse are far apart on custody matters, we are experienced litigators and will aggressively pursue court-ordered custody for you.

Some things to consider when negotiating child custody agreements

  • Are you considering shared custody or joint custody?
  • How far apart will you and your spouse be living?
  • How will custody and visitation terms interfere with or enhance your child’s school and activity schedule?
  • Will extensive and inconvenient transportation be required to meet the terms of your agreements?
  • How will you and your children spend holidays?
  • Are you thinking creatively and exploring ALL options?

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* Our child custody lawyers provide representation for families and individuals throughout Austin, TX, including Travis, Hays, Williamson, and Bastrop counties.